About the Novella

Thanks for following my novella ‘Diary of a Haunted House’.  I hope you have enjoyed following Anna and the gang as they desperately try to solve the puzzle of the hauntings in order to save the life of Anna’s close friend.

I have taken the advice of many followers and a certain friend (ahem…you know who you are) who have repeatedly (and at times annoyingly) told me to publish.

And so it will be done…

Check back here from time to time for updates and a date that the novel will be published.

Thanks all for following!


I am a novelist with many more twisted tales dying to be written.  Stay tuned…


12 responses to “About the Novella

  1. Fun reading ! You kept me going….. you going to print the entire novella here?
    Have you also put it on Amazon, as an ebook with Kindle? Doesn’t cost a thing. I have two novels on Amazon Kindle… you do have to find a way to advertise them… that is the hard part. Mine are about ghosts also, but in a different view ….
    I am going to stay tuned ! 🙂 going to put you on my new blog roll….. some viewers would enjoy your haunted journal.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I have read a lot of horror stories and my whole idea that revolves around the ghost in my novella is something I have never come across before (it will come to light shortly). Once you find out what the ghost was you’ll say “cool!”

      I don’t know anything about publishing. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction on how to publish on Amazon?

      I’ll return the favor and put you on my blogroll 😉
      Thanks for reading and I’ll look for your books on Amazon

  2. Thank you for ‘liking’ my “Unexpected Company”
    … I appreciate it.
    I have been keeping up with your book…. I have a few questions…. but will hold them for an email….
    you certainly have a vivid imagination!

      • I thought I did also, but I can’t find it and I can’t find the place I found it the first time… 😦
        Your comment replies come straight from Frank’s site… don’t know how he does that…. unless you are part of Mountain Peak Paranormal also… must be a huge site!!
        Anyway… the comment I left you about using Amazon publishing.. that seems to be gone.. how do you do that? Or did I email that to you? I swear, getting old is so aggravating….
        my email address is: burrabz908@hotmail.com
        can you email me so I can reply to it? 🙂

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